Revolution Church

The name “Jesus” can spark many emotions. Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you like what you’ve heard or maybe you don’t believe much of it.
Regardless of your emotions, we can agree the Jesus always shook things up. He typically did the opposite of what people expected of Him, but it was always for the purpose of calling people out of their old lives and into a brand new one.

We believe Jesus wants to do the same for you.

Religion doesn’t have much do to with what we are talking about. Following Jesus isn’t a list of rules for you to check off daily. It isn’t about measuring up to some impossible standard that we’ll never reach.

Following Jesus is about surrendering all strivings of perfection and resting in the Perfect One who gave His life for us. It’s about allowing the death of Jesus to cover all of our shortcomings and insecurities. It’s about surrendering our man-made plans for God plans that will take us further than we could have ever dreamed.

Jesus has big plans for your life. His plan begins with you believing in Him.
There is no special prayer that you have to pray, you don’t have to be eloquent. You don’t have to bribe him for His love or salvation. You don’t have to be perfect, have it all together, or have all the answers. He wants you in the state that you are – no matter how put together or how broken – He just wants you. You just have to take a few simple steps.

If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,‘ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.


You don’t have to be perfect. Through His death on the cross, and then coming back from the dead, Jesus took all of your wrong and gave you all of His right. If you believe that and commit to following Him, your life will never be the same. It’s as simple as repenting of your sin, declaring you want to follow Jesus, and believing He is who He says He is.


If you have accepted Jesus and still have questions or just need to talk to someone about some next steps, we want to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.