Lead Pastor

Richard Myers is the founding pastor of Revolution Church. He provides visionary oversight as well as serving as the lead teaching pastor for all services. He is a native of Gastonia. He has been married to his wife Holly for 21 years and has two daughters, Rebekah and Rachel. He is a graduate of Mars Hill College and Florida State University.


Worship Pastor

Brad Faulkner is the Lead Worship Pastor of Revolution Church. He rests in the fact that God’s plans are always much bigger for us than the plans we have for ourselves. Brad spent 3 years in student ministry where was discipled and mentored by Pastor Richard. He leads the worship team at Revolution Church and oversees the musical aspects of Sunday services. Brad is from Gastonia and is married to Ariel Faulkner. 


Student Pastor

AJ Johnson is the Student Pastor at Revolution Church. He and his wife, Heather, lead our Unleash (6th-12th grade) ministry and our Ignite (Young Adult) Ministry. AJ & Heather’s vision for Tuesday & Wednesday nights is to create an environment in which students would feel welcomed, loved on, and hear His Truth. But ministry goes beyond that, and Heather & AJ strive to be a part of students’ everyday lives, and at their events. It’s only when we show ourselves willing to be on their turf, out of our comfort zone, that we can hope to pull students onto our turf and out of theirs.


Serve Teams Coordinator

Brittany Henderson is the Serve Teams Coordinator for Revolution Church.  Her passion for serving others developed in her college years, but have grown tremendously throughout her time in ministry.  While organization may be her strong suit, she serves from an angle of building relationships with others over focusing on the task.  She believes that serving God is an opportunity to learn things about yourself that you are unable to learn in any other social setting.  Brittany has learned that when we set ourselves aside to be used by God, He always shows us how small we are, and how big He really is!  “God wrecked me through serving when a volunteer on my team, who I had the pleasure of serving, one morning prayed for me with a group full of other volunteers,” said Brittany.  “This girl has suffered many upsets, hiccups, and obstacles in her life, someone I know it is hard for her to keep joy, but instead, she cared less for herself and more about lifting me to the Lord.  When I serve, I am reminded it is not about me, and that I am not my own.  I am His. He writes my story, and I love serving as I live it out!”


Foreign Missions Coordinator

Blake Glover is the foreign missions coordinator of Revolution Church. After spending several summers serving in other countries, Blake knew that the Lord was calling her to ministry. Blake is grounded in the simple fact that Jesus commands his people to “go and make disciples,” whether that be at your workplace, your kids soccer game or in an orphanage halfway across the world. The Lord commands his people to draw hopeless, broken people to himself. Ultimately, she desires all believers to take the words of Jesus and serve the local Church with a global perspective. 


Revolution Kidz Coordinator

Kelsey Brackett is the Children’s Ministry Coordinator for Revolution Church. She began serving as a volunteer in the children’s ministry when Revolution began in 2011. As she kept her focus on God and serving people, the Lord grew her passion for children and her influence in the ministry. She quickly became a team leader in the ministry, which she held the position of for almost 6 years before becoming the coordinator. Kelsey is passionate about creating a fun, safe & organized environment for children to learn about Jesus on their level, as well as helping parents do so at home. Kelsey is from Gastonia, is married to Jeramy Brackett and they have one daughter.


Unbound Ministry

Holly Myers is Pastor Richard’s wife, mom of two girls, church planter, and a speaker.. Holly is also the founder of Unbound Ministry and serves the Kingdom in many capacities born from a burden of her own life experiences. Holly was led down a long path of pain and destruction through her struggles with self-image, food addiction, and understanding who she was in Christ. When Holly surrendered to God’s grace, her past ultimately drew her closer to the Creator and she finally experienced freedom. Because Christ has set her free from bondage, she recognized a calling to speak to girls and women that may share her same story.