Unleash Student Ministry is for 6th-12th graders and takes place every Wednesday  from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Our goal is to capture the attention of students who are in such a formative time in their life. They’re solidifying their personalities, their ideologies, their beliefs and who they will be for the majority of their lives. We want to present the Gospel to them in a way that is real and relevant to what they go through on a daily basis. We want to show them that following Jesus is a lifestyle and  that despite what their culture throws at them, following Jesus is not only doable, it’s the only way to experience God’s love, protection, and life in all of it’s fullness.


We’re going to be diving into a series talking about the things that get us stuck in our headspace at night, that keep us up and thinking, and that take away our joy.



Unleash is heading to camp
the week of July 16-20

It’s your favorite week of the summer, so don’t miss out! Deposits for camp are due by February 28th!

AJ & Heather Johnson // Unleash student ministry

If you have questions about Unleash Student Ministry and how you can get your student involved, please email our Student Pastor, AJ Johnson, at ajohnson@revolutionchurchnc.com