Unleash Student Ministry is for 6th-12th graders and takes place every Wednesday  from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Our goal is to capture the attention of students who are in such a formative time in their life. They’re solidifying their personalities, their ideologies, their beliefs and who they will be for the majority of their lives. We want to present the Gospel to them in a way that is real and relevant to what they go through on a daily basis. We want to show them that following Jesus is a lifestyle and  that despite what they’re culture throws at them, following Jesus is not only doable, it’s the only way to experience God’s love, protection, and life in all of it’s fullness.



This is Living

Unleash students will learn what it’s like to LIVE as a Christian. How do I live for today and hope for tomorrow? While simultaneously not just living for the moment, but understanding the consequences of my actions? How do I spend time with Jesus? What’s having a quiet time look like? How do I live for Jesus with joy?

These questions and more will be addressed in thisbrand new September series entitled, “This is Living!”



Goose Chase
September 22 • 6-9pm

Similar to a traditional Scavenger Hunt, the Goose Chase is NOTHING LIKE a traditional Scavenger Hunt. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit like one. Either way, we are SUPER pumped to have this awesome event return for another year! Meet at the Metro building at the Central YMCA, bring your friends, your permission slip, and come ready to have an awesome, LIT, fun-filled time!

The guys took home the trophy last year… Will they repeat?? Or will a new winner arise??


Heather and AJ Johnson lead our Unleash Student Ministry and are your go-to people on all things relating to students! If you have any questions pertaining to Unleash, your student, upcoming events or anything else, feel free to contact them by email at ajohnson@revolutionchurchnc.com