Unbound Ministry exists to help girls and women discover who their Creator is and how lavish His thoughts are about them. Unbound Ministry hosts two annual events: a women’s event in the Spring and a girl’s event in the Fall. Unbound also hosts smaller events throughout the year such as bi-monthly Women’s Breakfasts and various girl’s nights and outings for ages 6th grade and up.


Holly Myers is the President and Founder of Unbound Ministry. Holly is a speaker for Clayton King Ministries. Holly desires for girls and women of all ages to dream beyond their insecurities and current circumstances in order to walk fully in freedom.  Because Holly struggled for many years with self-image, food addiction and understanding who she was in Christ she was led down a long path of pain and destruction.  Through Gods grace and surrender it ultimately drew her closer to her creator and allowed her to experience freedom.  It wasn’t until Holly recognized that Christ desires to set us free from those things that keep us in bondage that she was able to speak about it.  Holly speaks at various conferences and events to share her story with others, along with encouraging messages about freedom, identity in Christ and embracing God size dreams. Holly is passionate about seeing freedom in the lives of each and every girl and woman. Holly is the wife of Richard Myers, Pastor of Revolution Church, and the mother of their two daughters.


Brittany Henderson is the Director of Unbound Ministry.  As a teenage girl, Brittany began being mentored by Holly.  Her teenage years were spent trying to earn the approval of others.  Her efforts brought lots of pain when she went through a season of relationships that would break her heart. Brittany spent years in a season where boys, fashion, media and friends dictated her life.  She would put herself, her dreams, her future, and her morals aside to be desired by others.  When seasons of this lifestyle exhausted her, and all she was left with were broken relationships and a lost identity, she discovered a God of purpose.  Throughout her college years, Brittany began to heal from the shame and guilt of her past through a relationship with God.  Although she had grown up in church, her heart had not yet leaped for the gospel.  In her sophomore year, God revealed himself as the God of relentless pursuit.  Brittany no longer dwelled on the past and all the things she did wrong, but instead she looked hopefully towards the God who had been calling her name for years.  She now uses her ministry with Unbound as an opportunity to speak truth to girls who have, or are falling for the lie that they will never be good enough.  “God has shown me the beauty of His plan by using others to encourage, walk alongside, and challenge me spiritually, Brittany said.  What I’ve realized is that my past, and each of those seasons may have been rebellious and wasteful, but God himself never gave up, and since the moment I looked to Him, He has been rebuilding me from my broken pieces, into His masterpiece.”



Women’s Breakfast
Coming in December!

This is a time for all of the women in our church (and outside of our church) to gather over a yummy breakfast, intimate worship, and a powerful message from various speakers. We know that as busy women, wives, mother, grandmothers, etc. it can be so hard to find time for us to just be with and enjoy one another, so we created this event to foster an environment for women to do just that. Breakfast is provided. All you need to bring is a bible, notepad, pen, and a friend!


Unbound Girls Event 2017
November 4th, 2017

Registration is now open for our 2017 girls event! As always, tickets are free! Join us this year for our biggest and best year yet with the theme of: Reflections! To get more info about the night, where to stay, where to eat and how to register:



Unbound Women’s Event 2017

We had the most incredible evening with all the ladies who attended Cultivate and we cannot stop celebrating all that God did!

Did you miss Cultivate? That’s okay! We’ve got you covered!
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Unbound Girl’s Event 2016

Our annual event was absolutely over the top and we cannot stop praising God for all He did in the hearts of His daughters!

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