We know that God is always moving. Sometimes on a busy Sunday morning, it’s hard to find the time to talk in depth about what God is doing in your life. Sometimes, maybe your life group is the only place where you get to share your story. But now things are different. We are daring to believe that your story needs to be bigger because it ultimately a part of God’s story, and that is always a BIG DEAL!

Please share with us ways that God is moving through your life. Maybe it’s a battle you’ve overcome through God’s power. Maybe it’s how your life group surrounded you during a tragic time. Maybe it’s how God changed your heart and mind about serving. It could be anything. It could be a miracle in your life, your family, your finances or your marriage.

Whatever it may be, we want to hear it! Spare no details, good or bad, because God gets glory in EVERY part of your story!


Carter Rushing

Carter is currently a member of our student ministry, Unleash. He shares about how to the Lord changed his life and how he is learning to pursue Jesus daily. Carter’s story shows the power of a simple invitation – it changed his whole life!

The Grazianos

Our friends, Mike and Shea Graziano, share their story of searching for a church and landing at Revolution. Not only did they land at Revolution, they planted deep roots and we are so thankful. They serve relentlessly, they give generously, and they love with everything that they have.

We hope their authenticity in sharing their story moves you to share your story.