Revolution Church


We're so glad you're here!

Time & Location

Every Sunday at 9:00AM and 11:00am | 1015 W. Franklin Blvd. Gastonia, NC 28052

Frequently Asked Questions

At Revolution, you will find everything from jeans and t-shirts to business casual attire. Come in what is comfortable for you, because it is not about what you look like or what you wear.

As you pull up to the Revolution Church campus, you’ll see men in the parking lot helping you find a parking spot quickly and easily. You’ll be greeted by them as you make your way to the building. As you approach the building you’ll see many of our greeters who will be happy to see you and welcome you! As you enter the building, you can identify yourself as a guest or you may be asked by one of our serve team members. From there you will be asked to fill out a first time guest form and given all the information you need to know about Revolution Church. While in the lobby, feel free to grab some complimentary coffee or check out our merchandise table!

If you don’t have children or if your children are in 6th grade and up, skip on down to the next part. If you DO have children ages 0-5th, after you make your way through the lobby, one of our serve team members will guide you to the Revolution Kids Check-In area. Your children will be safely and securely checked in, you will be given a corresponding number to your child so we can find you in case you are needed. To find out more about our Revolution Kids department, click here.

After passing through the lobby or checking in your children, the serve team member assisting you will guide you into our worship area and help you find the best possible seat. During the course of the service, you’ll hear about opportunities to get involved in the many ways we seek to serve our community. You will be led in worship by our incredible worship band. (They can get kind of loud, but we like it that way. We also have earplugs available for those who don’t!) You will hear a Gospel centered message that is real, relatable and relevant. We will never over-complicate the Gospel so that only a few understand. We believe Jesus went out of His way to make the Gospel accessible and understandable for everyone, so we strive to do the same. We close with an invitation to follow Jesus and worship.

The Care Room is a peaceful, non-threatening environment where you can ask hard questions about life and faith. This room is only open towards the end of the service. You will hear Pastor Richard prompt you to move if you need care, counsel, or prayer. At that point you can locate a Care Room volunteer at the back of the room and be escorted to the Care Room to receive the care you need. Click here to find out more about The Care Room.

Don’t forget to stop by the Guest Services area of the auditorium lobby on your way out to get your free gift from us!

We’re praying for you as you are seeking out a church home. We would love for Revolution Church to become your church home, but if it’s not us, we just ask that you plug in somewhere and give it all you got! Jesus died for the Church, so it will always be important and we should always be connected to it!