One of our core values at Revolution Church is to create a culture of generosity. We urge followers of Jesus to be generous with everything they have been blessed with. This means your gifts, your time and talent, your energy and effort, and yes, even your money, are all from the Lord and He gets the glory when we remember that and regift them back to him.

We at Revolution Church know that we have specifically been called to serve our community relentlessly. This means providing food for people through our GLOW Food Ministry, partnering with a local high school that is often over-looked and underserved, putting on free events for people of all ages to be welcomed in to hear the Gospel. A lot of what we do requires the obedience of the body in the area of giving as we are constantly pouring resources back into our community.


We have several ways that you can be obedient in your giving on a consistent basis!

NEW! You can text to give. Text an amount to “84321.” You’ll be led through a one-time set up process.
• You can give during a Sunday service as the offering plates pass.
• You can give by swiping your card at our “Giving Station” in the Resources Area in the Auditorium on Sundays.
• You can send your tithes to our post office box at P.O. Box 6055 Gastonia, NC 28056
• You can give safely and securely through our online portal by following the prompts below.
(You do not have to have an account to use this option!)

If you're used to giving online, you may have noticed this link is a little bit different! We have recently moved to a new and updated tithing system - we think you'll love it. Thank you for being flexible and growing with us!